Acorn Banksia

Acorn Banksia
Acorn Banksia | Mangati | Banksia prionotes

If you love the endangered Carnaby Cockatoos you have to love the Acorn Banksia too. A favoured snack by the giants of the sky the banksia is a beautiful addition to many a nature lovers garden in WA. The fuzzy, muppet seed heads are a flurry of activity when in bloom, popular among bees and insects as well as birds.

Endemic to:

Found endemically along the coast and inland between Perth and Katanning in Yamatji and Noongar countries.

It blooms:

Flowering in February – August, Bunuru – Djilba (Noongar), Burnarra- Wandangga (Yamatji) - they carry us through the wetter months where not much else puts on a show.


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