Heart-leaf Flame Pea

Heart-leaf Flame Pea
Heart-leaf Flame Pea | Chorizema cordatum

A straggly understory plant that comes to party. On spindly vine-like growth with sharp edged leaves this beauty erupts into a confetti of colour. The flame pea blooms so brightly in electric tones of magenta , orange and yellow in later months of the year. Not just for show, though the flame-pea is a hard worker, fixing nitrogen into the soil and is a quick bloomer after a bushfire, stabilizing the soil and providing nitrogen. The life of the party AND a team player, what a gem!

Endemic to:

Perth, Peel, South-west, Great Southern - primarily Noongar Countries, specifically; Wajuk, Kaniyang, Pinjarup, Wardandi and Bibbulman

It blooms:

July – November, Djilba – Kambarang (Noongar)


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