Native Cotton

Native Cotton
Native Cotton | Gossypium australe

Although it is a relative to the cotton we use to make clothes and cushions from, the fibres on this beauty are too short to use, add that to its poisonous compounds and this dame seems like one purely for show. Lucky it’s a beauty! Now, someone in your group might be insisting that this is the Sturt’s Desert Rose, they would be right enough, that’s a close cousin and is the Northern Territory’s state emblem. So well done, smarty pants, you are (nearly) right, too!

Endemic to:

Northern Australia in Kimberley (Miriwoong) and Yindibarndi Countries - spreading out into the Northern Territory. Aboriginal Countries from Nhuwala and scooping right up the north west coast through to Jukun, Yawuru and a big cluster across the Ngarinyin regions in the far north of Western Australia.

It blooms:

April – October, Warnka-mageny – Barndenyirriny (Miriwoong), Muhlu – Garrwarn-Muthangga (Yindibarndi)


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