So What's the Difference?

Lalleuca artwork from the Pop Botany series come in three sizes.

Artworks are offered both as original artworks and reproductions, so what's the difference?

Original Artworks: Silk screening is the method that I (Tracey) use in the studio to create my works. Whilst on first glance the artwork has the appearance of large bodies of flat colour, on closer inspection there is a symphony of detail in the inks. The inks may bubble or fade in the corners, the paper stencils - cut by hand, may buckle slightly, giving an edge of colour a slight detail that can only be achieved when work is done by hand, slowly and methodically. You'll see further evidence of hand in the periphery of the paper in my artist's marks and you'll see the overlays -where one colour is laid over another shine with an unparalleled sheen. If you're a collector, these are the works for you. They exist in editions smaller than eight, and will never be repeated.

Giclée Art Prints: on the other hand have been printed from an incredibly detailed photograph of an original screen print. They are printed on heavyweight archival paper on an archival grade pigment printer. The colours are as vibrant as is possible without purchasing an original work, and they will hold their vibrancy for decades if framed behind glass. They are an affordable way for collectors to enter the market. Art is for everyone and having options is never a bad thing.

Pop Botany Artwork Sizing