Trigger Plant

Trigger Plant
Trigger Plant | Stylidium fluminense

Not the most subtle of approaches to pollination but a mighty effective one. When a bee lands on the centre of the flower, the flower’s trigger is rapidly launched to ‘thwack’ the bee with pollen, hopefully shaking off the pollen that the bee is carrying from its previous visit to a neighbouring plant as well as making certain that the unsuspecting pollinator takes new pollen to its next aggressive lunch spot.

Some excellent photos of the triggers wacking the unsuspecting bees can be found here

Endemic to:

Pilbara and Kimberley Regions. Aboriginal Countries; Kimberley (Miriwoong) and Yindibarndi lands, specifically: Jaburrara, Ngarluma, Yindjibarndi, Palyku and Nyamal as well as regions further north: Ngarinyin, Wunambul, Worla, Kija and many others.

It blooms:

May – October, Warnka-mageny – Barndenyirriny  (Miriwoong - Kimberley), Muhlu – Garrwarn-Muthangga (Yindibarndi)

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