Blue Lechenaultia - edn. of seven
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Blue Lechenaultia - edn. of seven

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Lechenaultia biloba, Floor of the Sky

For many years, the brilliance of this flower was such that no available artists’ pigments could accurately replicate the flower and in 1935 the West Australian newspaper proudly offered a limited edition artistic reproduction of a photograph of the blue lechenaultia for its readers at Christmas time, having finally procured the technology and ink to faithfully replicate its glorious blue. Much has been written about this flower, formally and informally, one letter to the editor of a Goomalling newspaper in 1928 reads ‘its heaven-blue colour is really ravishing. As one is looking into the big mass of these flowers forming one of nature’s most beautiful blue carpets, the eye and the mind are quickly wrapt up in admiration and lost in the wonders of the supernatural world above’.

Original Screen Print - edition of seven

Original screen prints are a very limited edition. Typically, artists will produce 100 or more prints in a series. Because of my process, I can produce between four and eight artworks before the paper stencils begin to deteriorate. I have deliberately chosen a method of screen printing that brings the warm quality of hand-done work to life. Consider these prints as wabi-sabi artworks, that is; beauty in imperfection. It has been my intention from the outset to produce prints that feel special, even the textures of dots and stripes have been hand painted onto transparency, straddling the line between perfection and warmth. Your original screen print will show marks of having been hand-done. These artworks have been printed using hand-cut paper stencils, they have been registered by eye, the ink has been pulled by hand –  all of this is deliberate, so that instead of owning one of many identical prints you might own one unique variant of few.

Find out more about my process here.


An Original Screen Print will come to you embossed on the front (bottom left of artwork) with an authenticity stamp. The prints are also signed and numbered at the bottom of the print. For framing this is typically included in the viewing area. Every print comes with an additional certificate of authenticity that tells a story about the habitat, uses and history of the species featured.

When a series is completed, I emboss and number the work. You will be shipped the next in numerical order.


paper size: 556w x 760h (deckle (natural torn) edge)
printed image size: 460w x 620h
paper stock: Somerset Satin 300gsm.
Limited Edition of 7

For further sizing information and diagrams please see the print sizing page.

Important information on colour

Every effort has been made to ensure that the colour tones represented here reflect the tones in the real artwork. There are however, variances between display screens across different devices so the artwork may not display exactly accurately on your device. If this is a concern to you it is best to email before purchase for advice on colour.

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