Golden Wattle - Giclée
Golden Wattle - Giclée
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Golden Wattle - Giclée

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Acacia pycnantha, Karrank, Tunline

Australia’s national emblem since 1988, and unofficially so for a century before that, the golden wattle is a glorious, fluffy, fairy bloom with tiny pom-pom flowers that seem to dance in the breeze. Bees flurry about in ecstatic greed when it’s in bloom. Though A. pycnantha is endemic to south-eastern Australia,  there are close to 1000 varieties of other wattles growing nationwide – from the forest to the desert, in all terrains and climates. Because of this, wattle has become iconic in the Australian cultural landscape; from the uniforms of the Australian Olympic team, the beloved Golden Wattle Cookery Book (1924) and of course, May Gibbs’ enchanting Wattle Babies (1918). Australians are very attached to these little golden orbs. Wattle is also known as a symbol of resilience. Being fire resilient, they are often the first plants to germinate after a bushfire. This strength became a symbol of Australia’s newly forged unity in World War 1.

The hand-pulled, original screen print for this design can be found here.

Giclée prints - limit of 100 of each size

Giclée prints have been printed from a photograph of an original screen print. They have been edited to ensure best colour reproduction for digital print and will have larger smudges or flaws removed. They are printed locally in Western Australia on Canson Infinity rag paper with quality archival inks. The paper weight is heavy at 240gsm. Every print comes with an additional certificate of authenticity that details the habitat, uses and history of the species featured.

  • A2   paper size: 420w x 594h printed image size: 370w x 498h 
  • A3   paper size: 297w x 420h printed image size: 250w x 336h 

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Important information on colour

Significant effort has been made to make sure that the colour tones represented here reflect the tones in the real artwork. There are however, variances between screen display across different devices so the artwork may not display exactly accurately on your device. If this is a concern to you it is best to email before purchase for advice on colour.